It is my pleasure to offer online meetings with seeker friends from all over the world. Please take a look at Pure Experiences Online Satsang at

There is no cost or fee. Free as in air. All communication will be only in English for now.

All seekers are invited, but those who are on the path of knowledge will find them more beneficial. It will be more like guided introspection or question and answer style. No techniques or meditations. I offer no medical or psychological advice and recommend no practices. It is just a seeing together. Remember I'm just another seeker, not a teacher. If you are ripe and on the edge, you will be pushed beyond, sometimes in only a few minutes. group - Join us !

Other ways to connect :
Email or Google Hangouts :
Skype : (Or tarun.pradhaan)

Twitter : @Tarun_Pradhaan
Youtube : My Channel for voice versions of blog articles and more.
Google+ : Posts

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