About me

Tarun Pradhaan

This is my pen name. Currently I'm stationed near Pune, India and I'm self employed in art and software field. I don't live at one place for long and don't do any specific job. Everything keeps changing, including myself. 

I'm just a seeker. Knowing and collecting experiences is my path. I'm not a teacher, only a student, just sharing what I found. Perhaps it all will be useful for you, in case you are seeking, else it is amusing anyway.

You will find that most of the ideas presented here resemble those of great masters, and this is not a coincidence, whatever I present here is learnt from those great masters. I do not belong to any specific tradition, do not follow any "xyz-ism", I am very free. I am on the path of my heart.

Why am I writing all this? What do I gain? I gain nothing except a lot of pleasure and I learn a lot simply by expressing it. A bird sings not to please an audience, but because it has a song.

Writing is not my skill, and English is not my language. So you may find some mistakes here and there. I apologize for the same, and I hope you will enjoy my collection of Pure Experiences.

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