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Life Planner

This calculator computes the time one spends on daily activities. The Available time per day number is the time you are left with at the end of a day to pursue your personal goals.

The Time available in remaining life is the number of years/months left in your life to achieve those goals, after deducting all the time that you will spend in other activities for the remaining of your life. The remaining life time is the difference of an optimistic total life time and current age. The total available time is for your goals only, no sleep, no food, and no other activities whatsoever. Note that you may retire from work/job after 60, so you should enter an average value for work hours if you are younger than 60.

The point is to estimate how much of our precious life is wasted in mere survival, and how insignificant is the amount of time we devote for higher purposes. Ideally, a seeker tries to reverse the situation.

Change the numbers and press Tab or Enter key to calculate.

Sleep Hours/day
Work, Commute & Job Hours/day
Cooking & Eating Hours/day
Cleaning & Washing Hours/day
TV, Net & Entertainment Hours/day
Family, Relatives & Guests Hours/day
Any Other Hours/day
Total Time Spent/day Hours
Available Time Per Day Hours
Assumed Life Time Years
Current Age Years
Remaining Life Years
Time available in remaining life Years
Time available in whole life Years


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