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Basics of Advaita Vedanta
A course by James Swartz

Practicing Vedanta
A workshop on Advaita Vedanta by James Swartz

Inspirational Videos
A collection of short videos clips by masters

Awareness is eternally present
Rupert Spira explains why deep sleep is not "unconsiousness".

Eckhart Tolle : Concept of Enlightenment
Tolle's clear and pithy explanation

Why am I Not Enlightened Yet? 
Rupert Spira will "enlighten" you in just 20 mins !

Vedanta Society of Southern California
A YouTube Channel containing lectures on Vedanta by Swami Sarvapriyananda. 

A word doc containing excerpts from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's teachings (I AM THAT), compiled and edited by Miguel-Angel Carrasco. Short and to the point.

Q&A on Non-Dualism
A long list of faqs by Dennis Waite. I agree with most of the answers and learnt a lot from them.

NonDuality and Its beauty
Ira Schepetin explains the fundamentals of Non-Duality.

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