This is a short list of teachers and Gurus for those who are on the path of knowledge (with some exceptions). I have learnt from all of them. The names link to their YouTube channels or other sites.

If you are wondering why there is no mention of giants like Ramana Maharishi or Adi Shankaracharya, or Osho for example, it is intentional. Firstly, there is no need to mention them, almost everyone knows them and you can buy books, watch videos, google the teachings etc. However, you cannot talk to them, email them or participate in satsangs with them, unfortunately. They are the Gurus of the world already.

Practically, a seeker, who has just started, needs someone nearby or someone easily available via internet or audio/video. So the below list is an attempt to help them find someone and expose themselves to the teachings.

There are surely hundreds of great teachers about whom I have no clue, but they should be in the list. If you are a seeker and know a teacher who is easily available and who's teachings can be accessed for free, please let me know in the comments.

Here is the list, in no special order.

James Swartz

Great and fairly detailed introduction to Vedanta. Swartz is a brilliant teacher. The link will take you to his course (free videos), which is moderately detailed. That's in 16 parts totaling 16 hours, but it saves 16 years of your life.

Roger Castillo

Crystal clear teachings. Very bright and young teacher. Holds online Satsangs and is very approachable.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

A treasure of traditional knowledge. Mostly suitable for hatha yoga aspirants, although those on the path of knowledge will also find his teachings beneficial. Just ignore his comments on politics, commerce and other stuff. He cannot be reached easily for a one to one lesson, you must join a programme etc.

Prashant Tripathi

A highly intellectual personality and very direct teachings. He seems to be popular among college students. A pure non-dual teacher.

Thomas Campbell

A real heavyweight. He is a top notch scientist and is well known for his theory of everything (MBT). He is far ahead of everyone that I have known in my life. His experience is vast and teachings are pure science, no fooling around. He is a living evidence that science reaches the same conclusions as those of non-dualism if one is willing to explore deep enough.

Rupert Spira

One of my favorite teachers. A great orator. His teachings are most direct and beautiful. He makes even the heaviest concept sound like a child's play. He breaks the belief that Advaita is difficult to comprehend, to pieces.

Nirgun John

Being a direct disciple of Nisargdatta, he sounds just like him. He starts from the deepest, no shallow work. Newbies will find his words cryptic, but most will enjoy his direct realizations. He is very reachable and holds online Satsangs.

Swami Sarvapriyananda

A young and very bright fellow from Sanyas tradition. He has profound knowledge of Advaita Vedanta and is a great orator. His teachings are very detailed so be prepared to invest some time there. But, then you will never need any other teachings or teachers.

Sir Shree

Essentially a teacher of the direct path through knowledge. He delivers lectures to masses in both English and Hindi. His specialty is no heavy words, no dense philosophy and hence he is totally within reach of an average person. A truly no-nonsense teacher, no bells-whistles or drama there.


I guess no introduction is needed. He is very popular, a great teacher indeed. I've never seen anyone else speak so clearly and directly about the most important knowledge one must have. He is approachable via numerous Satsangs and camps but be prepared to encounter thousands of people there. Usually his videos are enough.

Ishwar Puri

A very wise man from Santmat tradition. You may find his teachings leaning towards devotional paths. However, the wealth of knowledge and tricks is highly beneficial. His teachings are for common people, so contain a lot of metaphorical stuff and stories, as is generally found in old Indian teachings.

Francis Lucille

One of my favorites. His scientific background (physicist) means that whatever he says makes more sense then the usual non-dual stuff you get from usual teachers. It is possible to gain major insights and even experiences simply by listening to him. He is very approachable and holds online Satsangs.

Rohit Arya

Those who like an ultrafast path will surely like him. He has a deep knowledge of ancient esoteric stuff, which he reveals in a pithy manner. His talks are mesmerizing and entertaining. To get the real teachings you must join him in person. The teachings are probably based on Integral Yoga of Shri Aurobindo.
PS: He is not updating his channel these days. But old videos are still there hopefully.

Charlie Hayes

Probably in the lineage of Nisargdatta, he is very fresh, very direct and to the point. Also check out related people Sailor Bob Adamson and John Wheeler.

G P Walsh

A very relaxed, nice and friendly teacher. He has answers for everything from mundane to highest kind of questions. He is very much approachable via his online satsangs, where everyone can ask their questions. He shares all that is necessary and essential, freely.

Shri M

A very well known name. A rare individual who belongs to the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji, who is a giant in the world of Kriya Yoga and is also a mysterious god like yogi. Shri M has popularized him and his teachings. He is surely a master in his field with a complete knowledge of scriptures. Although he is on a path of kriya, seekers on the path of knowledge will be surely benefited by his immense knowledge.

A Ramana

Not to be confused with Ramana Maharishi. But he belongs to the same lineage. I am not aware of any ways to meet him in person, but his videos are there for everyone to see. Those are short and to the point in a clear and easy language.

Michael Damian

Has very interesting and short videos in a simple to understand language. He covers the basics of Advaita without going into much detail.

B K Shivani

A very well known name belonging to the Raj Yoga path and Brahmakumaris tradition. She expounds on deep spiritual matters in very simple Hindi and English well within the understanding of a common person. Highly recommended if you are a complete newbie who needs solutions to day to day matters of life.

Chaitanya Yogesh

A young fellow with remarkable understanding of the direct path and clarity. Here lies a treasure of knowledge if you like Hindi content about the direct path, there is some English content too.

Bernardo Kastrup

A scholar, academic, philosopher, scientist and a brilliant author, who mercilessly destroys everything that is being presented as "scientific and logical truth" by the cult of materialists. If you are still brainwashed by such blind beliefs, he will clear them up in the most sophisticated manner. His views are reminiscent of nondual views, but he still dances around it sometimes.

Jim Newman

Seems to have developed his own unique way of transmitting nondual wisdom (Probably there is some connection to Tony Parsons). He is direct, pithy and unpretentious. He leaves the listener in a state of superimposition of shock, clarity and confusion. For a beginner his words are going to fly over the head, but if you are already introduced to nonduality, he is perfect for you.

Om Swami

Mostly traditional style, and most of the content is in easily accessible Hindi. He elaborates on a large variety of topics in the most pleasurable way. He obviously leans towards traditional Hinduism and so will be appealing to devotees. However there is a lot to learn there even for Gyanis.

Forrest Knutson

Demystifies the mysterious path of Kriya and makes it a piece of cake. Those on the energetic paths aka Kundalini, will find him highly interesting. If you easily get confused with esoteric Sanskrit encrypted teachings, start here. However, please be careful before acting on the information, Kriya must be practiced only under the supervision of a master.

Bonnie Greenwell

You can see years and years of experience and knowledge pouring out as soon as she starts talking. A fountain of knowledge for Kundalini practitioners, as well as for ordinary seekers. She now has a blend of Zen and more esoteric paths, which broadens her capability even more. More importantly she provides assistance to those seekers who have gotten stuck or are suffering from abnormal Kundalini symptoms. Also look for Joan Shivarpita Harrigan if you are facing Kundalini troubles.


A young man who displays depth of knowledge and clarity. His channel has numerous but brief videos on various topics related to the path of knowledge and spirituality in general. Very pithy. Simple English accessible to all. His science background and education shines through his speech, making everything crystal clear.

Anant Sri

Has a wealth of videos on various spiritual topics and all of them are in simple Hindi for beginners and general population. Although I must say that there is enough depth in these talks for seasoned seekers also. He removes the mystery from the mysterious and provides valuable guidance in a simple and straightforward way.

Swami Atmananda Udasin

A few videos there, but its a rare gem. Probably you will benefit more by visiting him personally, but this channel provides a glimpse of his clarity and skill. No bells and whistles, just pure knowledge. (Some videos have French subtitles also).

Wayne Liquorman

Very accessible and easy to comprehend talks. Mostly satsangs. He is a direct disciple of Ramesh Balsekar, so many will find the material familiar.

Knowledge WayMi

A great collection of talks, mostly in Hindi, inspired by Vedanta, Buddhism and Jainism.

Neema Majmudar

She is a disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and presents here talks on various scriptures related to Vedanta. Some are in French. (Website: Discover Vedanta)

Andre Vas

Very good and detailed lectures on Vedanta in traditional style. Great for those who cannot understand Indian accents but wish to listen to more traditional lectures  rather than modern westernized versions of Vedanta. He is inspired by James Swartz and has a similar easy and bright style. (Website: Yes Vedanta)

Gautam Sachdeva

Student of Ramesh Balsekar. Conveys his teachings in a simple and straightforward manner. Holds satsang in Mumbai occasionally. Those who wish to be introduced to Nisargadatta's teachings in an easy way should join him and listen to him.


A well spoken teacher. The videos on his channel are to the point and precise. He seems to favour Advaita and Buddhism mainly but seems to be well acquainted with many other paths. Those who prefer short and precise teachings and are at an intermediate level will surely like him.

Pravrajika Divyanandaprana

Very good lectures for newcomers and seasoned seekers as well. A great blend of modern thought and tradition. Most of them are in English.

Louise Kay

A young and bright teacher. Well not really a teacher but a channeler. That makes her one of its kind in this whole list. The messages are surprisingly insightful and as deep as the teachings of great masters, with a flavour of nondualism. They are cloaked in the form of messages from highly advanced aliens. This will probably appeal to those who are inclined towards new age kind of teachings and will serve as an entry point into proper nondualism.

Akilesh Ayyar

Sure a new name for most of us. He is a very young and bright scholar. Highly educated and articulate. His channel has many useful videos and even recordings of his meetings. Again, no bells whistles or running round the bush, totally clear and straightforward teachings. Website: https://www.siftingtothetruth.com/


A very fresh voice, and a very sweet and gentle voice. He delivers his Advaita talks in clear, light and informal manner. You will be not only pleased, but will be enlightened.
Website: https://www.absoluteawareness.org/

Probably useful lists, without any reviews.

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