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James Swartz

Great and fairly detailed introduction to Vedanta. Swartz is a brilliant teacher. The link will take you to his course (free videos), which is moderately detailed. That's in 16 parts totaling 16 hours, but it saves 16 years of your life.

Roger Castillo

Crystal clear teachings. Very bright and young teacher. Holds online Satsangs and is very approachable.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

A treasure of traditional knowledge. Mostly suitable for hatha yoga aspirants, although those on the path of knowledge will also find his teachings beneficial. Just ignore his comments on politics, commerce and other stuff. He cannot be reached easily for a one to one lesson, you must join a programme etc.

Prashant Tripathi

A highly intellectual personality and very direct teachings. He seems to be popular among college students. A pure non-dual teacher.

Thomas Campbell

A real heavyweight. He is a top notch scientist and is well known for his theory of everything (MBT). He is far ahead of everyone that I have known in my life. His experience is vast and teachings are pure science, no fooling around. He is a living evidence that science reaches the same conclusions as those of non-dualism if one is willing to explore deep enough.

Rupert Spira

One of my favorite teachers. A great orator. His teachings are most direct and beautiful. He makes even the heaviest concept sound like a child's play. He breaks the belief that Advaita is difficult to comprehend, to pieces.

Nirgun John

Being a direct disciple of Nisargdatta, he sounds just like him. He starts from the deepest, no shallow work. Newbies will find his words cryptic, but most will enjoy his direct realizations. He is very reachable and holds online Satsangs.

Swami Sarvapriyananda

A young and very bright fellow from Sanyas tradition. He has profound knowledge of Advaita Vedanta and is a great orator. His teachings are very detailed so be prepared to invest some time there. But, then you will never need any other teachings or teachers.

Sir Shree

Essentially a teacher of the direct path through knowledge. He delivers lectures to masses in both English and Hindi. His specialty is no heavy words, no dense philosophy and hence he is totally within reach of an average person. A truly no-nonsense teacher, no bells-whistles or drama there.


I guess no introduction is needed. He is very popular, a great teacher indeed. I've never seen anyone else speak so clearly and directly about the most important knowledge one must have. He is approachable via numerous Satsangs and camps but be prepared to encounter thousands of people there. Usually his videos are enough.

Ishwar Puri

A very wise man from Santmat tradition. You may find his teachings leaning towards devotional paths. However, the wealth of knowledge and tricks is highly beneficial. His teachings are for common people, so contain a lot of metaphorical stuff and stories, as is generally found in old Indian teachings.

Francis Lucille

One of my favorites. His scientific background (physicist) means that whatever he says makes more sense then the usual non-dual stuff you get from usual teachers. It is possible to gain major insights and even experiences simply by listening to him. He is very approachable and holds online Satsangs.

Rohit Arya

Those who like an ultrafast path will surely like him. He has a deep knowledge of ancient esoteric stuff, which he reveals in a pithy manner. His talks are mesmerizing and entertaining. To get the real teachings you must join him in person. The teachings are probably based on Integral Yoga of Shri Aurobindo.

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